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Profile of the Day: Rembrandt Peale

On this day in 1860, American artist Rembrandt Peale died at the age of 82. A prolific portrait painter, Peale was especially known for his realistic portraits of presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Peale was born on February 22, 1778 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania to Rachel Brewer and Charles Wilson Peale. His father was a notable artist best known for his portraits of leading figures of the American Revolution. The elder Peale named several of his children after… Read the full story

Profile of the Day: Edgar Degas

On this day in 1834, French painter and sculptor Edgar Degas was born. Degas is often regarded as one of the founders of Impressionism. Degas was born in Paris, France to a moderately wealthy family. His father, Augustine De Gas, was a banker, and his mother, Célestine Musson, was from New Orleans, Louisiana and came from a prominent Creole family. Through his mother, Degas was a first cousin once removed to inventor Norbert Rillieux, who is considered to be one of the… Read the full story

Profile of the Day: Tamara de Lempicka

Do you have Polish ancestry? Today we remember Polish painter Tamara de Lempicka, who was born on this day 120 years ago. Known as “The Baroness with a Brush,” Lempicka gained fame for her bold Art Deco portraits of aristocrats and celebrities. Lempicka was born Maria Górska on May 16, 1898 in Warsaw, Poland. Her father was a Russian Jewish lawyer and her mother was a Polish socialite. As a young child, Lempicka developed a strong… Read the full story