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Profile of the Day: C.S. Lewis

Remember reading The Chronicles of Narnia? On this day in 1898, author C.S. Lewis was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He was born Clive Staples Lewis, but was known as “Jack” by his family and friends. At the age of 4, he declared his name to be “Jack” after his beloved dog “Jacksie” was hit by a car and died. Lewis became an avid reader at a young age and began writing his own fantasy stories early in his… Read the full story

Profile of the Day: John F. Kennedy

How are you related to the Kennedy’s? On this day in 1917, John F. Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts. Remembered as one of the most beloved presidents in the history of the United States, Kennedy’s leadership and accomplishments continues to inspire generations years after his death. Kennedy was the second of nine children born to Joseph “Joe” Kennedy and Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald. He was named in honor of his maternal grandfather, John Francis Fitzgerald, who… Read the full story