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Face of Assassin Who Murdered British PM Spencer Perceval in 1812 Emerges for The First Time in New Facial Reconstruction

The face of the only person to have ever assassinated a British Prime Minister has been revealed for the first time through a facial reconstruction. John Bellingham, an angry businessman, shot dead PM Spencer Perceval in the lobby of the Palace of Westminster in May 1812, before later being convicted and hanged. The assassin’s skull […]

Archaeologists Discover Evidence Of Connecticut’s Earliest English Colony

On the grounds of Wethersfield’s Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum, archaeologists have discovered evidence of the oldest English colony in Connecticut. In 2016, the Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum decided to add a new education and visitor center on the premises. To ensure the addition would not disturb any historically significant artifacts on the site, they hired the Public Archaeology Survey […]

Archaeologists May Have Unearthed The Nearly 400-Year-Old Skeleton of America’s Second Governor

A group of archaeologists unearthed a skeleton they think belongs to the man who presided over the first representative government assembly in the Western Hemisphere. Now, they have to prove it’s really him. Archaeologists in Jamestown, Virginia — North America’s first permanent British settlement — began excavating the site almost two years ago. After many […]

Rare Notebook Containing George Stephenson’s 1822 Plans for The ‘World’s First Railway’ Is Uncovered Among 20,000 Documents in National Rail’s Archive

A rare notebook detailing plans for the world’s first ever railway has been described as a ‘thrilling’ discovery. The leather-bound 12 inch by 12 inch notebook was discovered by historians in Network Rail’s national archive. Penned by ‘Father of the Railways’ George Stephenson, the book was written in in 1822 and includes costings and remarks […]