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Two-Factor Authentication Now Available on Geni

Protecting your Geni accounts from unauthorized access is very important to us. Unfortunately, the difficulty of remembering several passwords often means that people will reuse the same password across multiple sites. This common practice can put the security of your account at serious risk should your email address and password fall into the wrong hands. Today we are pleased to announce an important update to help make your Geni account more secure – Two-Factor Authentication…. Read the full story

HTML Tree: Move This Person and Resolve Duplicates Now Available

A few months ago, we introduced our new HTML tree on Geni, which made it possible for all users to finally view and edit their family trees on their mobile device or tablet. Since our announcement, we have continued to work hard to bring some of the Flash tree’s most powerful features to the HTML version of the tree. Today we’re excited to share that two very important tools are now available on the HTML tree – Move This Person… Read the full story