Profile of the Day: Ada Lovelace

Today we remember mathematics pioneer Ada Lovelace, who was born on December 10, 1815. Lovelace is often described as the world’s first computer programer. She is credited with writing the world’s first computer program nearly a century before computers were built. Lovelace was the only legitimate child of Romantic poet Lord Byron and his wife, Anna Isabella Milbanke. Shortly after Lovelace was born, her father left the family and never returned. She was only 8 years… Read the full story

Mandy Moore Breaks Down in Tears When She Learns Four-Times Great-Grandmother Died at Age 40 at ‘Hell on Earth’ Work House and Had No Funeral

This is Us star Mandy Moore grew up proud thinking she had deep roots in England. But she was left reeling on the season premiere of Who Do You Think You Are? as she traced her family tree instead to Australia and the ‘hell on earth’ of workhouses in Ireland. ‘I am just honestly flabbergasted,’ […]

One Photo Story

Be ready for the Christmas season with relatives by locating one or two special vintage photos of a family member who would be present with the rest of the family during the holiday. It might be your Mom, a great uncle, a cousin, or an older brother. Find a special older photo of that person, […]

Are You Related To Felicity Huffman?

Huffman was born on December 9, 1962, in Bedford, New York, into a wealthy family, the daughter of Grace Valle (née Ewing) and Moore Peters Huffman (1910–1987), a banker and partner at Morgan Stanley. Her parents divorced a year after her birth, and she was raised mostly by her mother. She has six sisters, Mariah, […]