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woman Bell, Agnes * ‎1825* Prestonkirk, East Lothian, Scotland
woman Bell, Alice Mary * ‎Jul 1873* Glanford Brigg, Lincolnshire† ‎5 Apr 1880† Glanford Brigg, Lincolnshire
man Bell, Andrew M * ‎Dec 1962* Worth Valley, Yorkshire West Riding† ‎Nov 1987† Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England
man Bell, Arthur X Evelene Mary Elizab Wheeler* ‎± 1863* Thornton, Lincolnshire, England† ‎1944† Preston
woman Bell, Bella * ‎13 Feb 1807* North Kelsey, Lincolnshire, England† ‎1891
man Bell, Charles X Eden Smith* ‎25 Dec 1833* Blyborough, Lincolnshire,, England† ‎16 Dec 1908† Glanford Brigg, Lincolnshire
man Bell, Charlie * ‎25 Nov 1875† ‎28 Dec 1876
woman Bell, Charlotte Elizabeth X Otto Geo Gale* ‎Jul 1877* Thornton Curtis, Lincoln, England† ‎15 Feb 1952† Brighton, Victoria, Australia
man Bell, Clarence John X Mary Caroline Putt* ‎± 1899* Nhill, Victoria, Australia† ‎1966† Nhill, Victoria, Australia
man Bell, Daniel * ‎12 Jul 1863* Glanford Brigg, Lincolnshire† ‎10 Feb 1870† Glanford Brigg, Lincolnshire
woman Bell, Dorothy X Joseph Ellis* ‎3 Jul 1796* North Kelsey, Lincolnshire, England† ‎1873† Barrow on Humber
woman Bell, Eden 1st X George Richards, 2nd X John Whitelam* ‎20 Aug 1875* Gurness, Lincoln, England† ‎1971† Scotterthorpe, Lincolnshire, England
woman Bell, Edna M * ‎Dec 1925* Doncaster, Yorkshire West Riding† ‎Dec 1925† Doncaster, Yorkshire West Riding, England
woman Bell, Eleanor & William Meggit* ‎1802* North Kelsey, Lincolnshire, England† ‎Jul 1861† Thorne, Yorkshire West Riding
woman Bell, Elizabeth X Thomas Major* ‎10 Feb 1829* Blyborough, Lincolnshire, England.† ‎1910† Mount Gambier, South Australia, Australia
woman Bell, Elizabeth * ‎Jan 1878* Scotter, Lincolnshire, England† ‎1879† Scotter, Lincolnshire, England
woman Bell, Elizabeth * ‎± 1850* Waddingham, Lincolnshire, England† ‎1855
woman Bell, Elizabeth * ‎1832* Prestonkirk, East Lothian, Scotland
woman Bell, Ellen Jane X Wm Thomas* ‎11 Nov 1869* Thornton Curtis, Lincolnshire, England† ‎26 Apr 1940† Katanning, Western Australia
woman Bell, Flossie May X Raymond Frederick Peake* ‎18 Jun 1897* Kaniva, Victoria, Australia† ‎10 May 1988† Nhill, Victoria, Australia
woman Bell, Frances Sarah * ‎± 1836* Rothwell, Yorkshire, England
man Bell, Fred X Emma Simmons* ‎23 Jan 1871* Thornton Curtis, Lincoln, England† ‎13 Aug 1939† Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
man Bell, George X Milicent Turner* ‎23 May 1831* Blyborough, Lincolnshire,, England† ‎14 Jul 1911† Miram,, Victoria, Australia
man Bell, George 1st & Sarah Ann, 2nd X Elizabeth* ‎Jan 1869* Stow, Lincolnshire, England† ‎27 Oct 1955† Beverley, Western Australia
man Bell, George * ‎± 1848* Willoughton, Lincolnshire, England
man Bell, George X Mary Warner* ‎26 Jul 1865* Thornton Curtis, Lincolnshire, England† ‎6 Aug 1919† Nhill, Victoria
man BELL, George Edward * ‎± 1901† ‎Jul 1901† Gateshead, Durham
woman Bell, Isabel * ‎14 Jan 1831* Prestonkirk, East Lothian, Scotland
man Bell, Jack X Jennifer M Lee
woman Bell, Jane * ‎9 Sep 1838* Blyborough, Lincolnshire,, England† ‎16 Dec 1920† "Helpston" Power St, Mt Gambier, SA

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