Are You Related To Billy Gibbons?

Gibbons was born on December 16, 1949, to Frederick Royal (“Freddie”) and Lorraine (née Duffy) Gibbons in the Tanglewood neighborhood of Houston, Texas. His father was an entertainer, orchestra conductor, and concert pianist who worked alongside his second cousin, art director Cedric Gibbons, for Samuel Goldwyn at MGM Studios. A percussionist as a youth, Gibbons […]

Scandalized Dances of the 1910s

One thinks the dances of the 1990s to the present have been a bit outrageous but there was a time in the early 1910s when a whole series of dances spread across the nation. Some considered more scandalous than the dancing of the Roaring Twenties. In the 1910s, a long-forgotten dance craze known as ‘animal […]

Profile of the Day: George VI

On this day in 1895, George VI was born at York Cottage on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk during the reign of his great grandmother, Queen Victoria. His birth date fell on the 34th anniversary of the death of his great grandfather, Prince Albert, and so, the new royal was named Albert in his honor. As the second son of King George V, it was not expected for George to become king. However, this changed suddenly in 1936 after his older… Read the full story

Geni Tips: Add Custom Event Details

We’ve written before about the importance of adding events to profile timelines to provide more details about the lives of your ancestors. Did you know that you can also add custom details to any event? This is perfect for when you want to add important information that is not covered in the standard data fields provided by Geni. For example, you may include additional details to a baptism event by adding a field for godparents. Or perhaps more details about an immigration… Read the full story

Profile of the Day: Dick Van Dyke

Happy birthday, Dick Van Dyke! Today the actor turns 93. He was born on December 13, 1925 in West Plains, Missouri to Hazel McCord, a stenographer, and Loren Wayne Van Dyke, a salesman. Van Dyke can trace a branch of his family back to Mayflower passenger John Alden, who is his 9th great grandfather. After leaving high school in his senior year, Van Dyke tried to join the United States Army Air Forces for pilot training during World War… Read the full story

Lost of Christmas Letters

With the various social media available (email, Facebook, etc), the long-time tradition of writing and sending Holiday letters telling of the family events for the last year will soon be just a memory and ancient history to others. For future family historians, they will not have for traditional annual letters which could fill in missing […]